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Keys To Creating a Memorable Brand

People don't care about brands, they care about themselves. Wait, what?! People are selfish and ego-centrical?! This can't be. OK, maybe it can be. 

So does that mean that branding is a waste of time? Absolutely not!! It means that your brand needs to speak to the person and make them feel like it is something they can relate to as a real entity that adds value to their life. Let's face it, after you've paid your branding specialist $10,000 to come up with the perfect logo, letterhead, business cards, and stationary, you are left with a single digital file on your computer composed of invisible bytes of information. A brand is literally air until it is put into action. So how can you turn air (aka your brand) into profits? 

1. Create a brand that relates to customers on a personal level

With our brand we decided to stick with a very simple formula -- we provide training for individuals. While we do have corporate clients (a lot of them :), the people in our classes are just normal, everyday individuals looking to better themselves. Instead of coming up with some massive-feeling corporate branded entity, we decided to take the approach of something that felt small while also painting a picture of a company that has the capacity to train massive organizations like Home Depot (which is a client we've been in bed with for years now). 

2. Know how your products/services are used, and model your brand around that

Do you sell bottle caps? Or do you sell shower heads? Interior design services? Your brand needs to represent that! The first iteration of our brand was called "LEED Teacher" -- quite simply because we exclusively taught classes on the topic of LEED (a green buildings rating system). Once we outgrew that we pivoted and rebranded accordingly. Sometimes the most simple obvious company name is actually the BEST company name.

3. Be yourself and be unique

People are tired of the same old, same old. Be yourself when creating a brand, and the quirkier the better! When you can affect how someone FEELS you will create a lasting impression that will actually influence behavior instead of simply getting brushed to the side along with the rest of the noise out there. 

Contact me today to learn how I can help you create an amazing brand that will help take your business to the next level.

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